Star brite was founded in 1973 based on a line of four automotive maintenance items. The company’s key product was a revolutionary car polish formulated with special cleaners that restored dull, oxidized paint and space-age polymers that provided a dazzling shine together with extremely long-lasting protection. This product, simply named Star brite Car Polish took the market by storm because it was so superior to any competitive auto polish or wax. In the following years Star brite added many new car care products and also expanded into the boat care field. It was in the marine marketplace that the company experienced phenomenal growth and began to have a loyal consumer following.

Staying true to its roots, Star brite continues to base its growth on bringing new and innovative products to specific markets. Those markets currently include the original automotive and marine fields in addition to the RV, home care and aviation sectors. Expanding upon its chemical product offerings, the company also manufa

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