The friendship between sailing mates formed the basis for the establishment of a company in 1991. Ambitiously, the friends chose the globe for their logo, clearly indicating their goal of building an international brand. The three guys from Munich took up the challenge and what seemed tilting at windmills in early days turned into a success story. The company and the Marinepool brand grew and went international.

The global success of Marinepool can be attributed to several factors. One element is the three founders, whose totally different characters complement each other. Different points of view and approaches focused on a common goal are key to success. The support of countless friends, yacht clubs, sailing federations and world class athletes from all over the world is another vital part. Last but not least, the most important success factor is the Marinepool team – they are the soul of Marinepool. Without their commitment, loyalty and their drive Marinepool would not be where it is today.

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