The name Marlow Ropes was coined as recently as 1957, however the roots of the company go back to 1807 when Thomas Burfield founded his rope company in Hailsham, UK where they still make rope to this day. In 1953, Burfield’s company was bought by the Hawkins a& Tipson Group, who used the Hailsham site to develop and market ropes made from man made fibres under the Marlow brand. The name Marlow came from the Hawkins and Tipson head office built in London in 1861 – Marlow House. The early 1960’s saw the growth of yachting as a popular pass time, and with it the use of specially developed Nylon and Polyester ropes pioneered by Marlow, establishing it as the foremost quality rope in the world. The company grew from strength to strength through its dedication to quality and innovation and today Marlow is probably the most recognisable rope brand in the world servicing over 80 countries world wide across many diverse industries.

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