It was 1968 when Franco Marzaduri decided to found Trecciatura Emiliana srl ( TR.EM. srl ), dedicating himself to the production of elastic rope, initially to cover the rear wheels of women’s bicycles, an item as unusual as it is historic, then to stop luggage on the roof of cars.

However, we all know that fashions change and technology must adapt to the new times, so TR.EM. began producing rope for sailing, towing skis and articles for safety at sea, subsequently expanding production to plastic molding (showers, hatches, navigation lights, etc …), woodworking (ladders and gangways), aluminum processing and steel (marine vessels, paddles, raft holders, engine mounts, etc …).

Thanks to this entrepreneurial spirit, the historic Osteria Grande company has managed to export its products all over the world; it will not be difficult to be on board a ferry in Sydney bay, rather than on a catamaran in the Caribbean, with a TR.EM. in hand!

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