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Cobra HH475 Floating Handheld Radio


Cobra HH475 Floating Handheld Radio

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Cobra HH475 Floating Handheld Radio

This state of the art handheld VHF radio is practical, and has features making it an essential piece of kit. Apart from operating at a powerful 6 watts, this radio floats and will still work perfectly after 30 minutes in the water. Additionally to this, this Bluetooth and rewind VHF radio can be paired with your mobile phone, allowing you to leave your mobile phone in a safe, dry place, whilst still making and recieving phone calls.

  • Answer your mobile with the VHF radio
  • Rewind say again digital voice recording feature
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Selectable 1, 3 or 6 Watts of power
  • Lithium Ion battery pack
  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • Tri Watch
  • External Speaker/Mic Jack
  • Illuminated function keys
  • ATIS
  • International channels

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Weight 1.5 kg