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International Polwax


International Polwax

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International Polwax

Polwax cleans, polishes and adds a wax effect all in a single pack. Polwax is a quick and easy solution and is safe for use on fibreglass and painted surfaces.

Polwax has a low odour formulation that is free from silicone oils and is suitable for manual or machine use (800-1000 rpm).

  • Free from silicone oils
  • Quick and easy to work with
  • Ideal for larger surfaces
  • Full gloss finish achieved
  • Does not discolour scratches
  • Also suitable for use on the car, caravan or garden furniture
  • Low odour


  • Area: Above the waterline
  • Compatability/Substrates: Suitable for use on GRP and painted surfaces
  • Size: 500 ml

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