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Marine Fuel Cell


Marine Fuel Cell


Marine Fuel Cell

The first fuel cell available on the recreational market. It eliminates the need to run the yachts engine at idle to recharge the battery bank. A fuel cell is a continuously running generator, supplying energy from methanol, clean and virtually silent 12 Vdc power to constantly charge your batteries.

Methanol is converted into electricity by the Marine Fuel Cell (MFC) via a low temperature electrochemical process. Methanol is supplied in specially designed 5L safety cartridges, safe to use and easy to store. Each 4.2 kg methanol cartridge contains the equivalent of 434 Ah of DC power.

Compact and lightweight (around 7 kg), the MFC is easily installed in any dry ventilated area and requires no exhausts or cooling water inlets. The remote control panel is easily mounted onto your DC switchboard and offers condition and run-time indicators as well as a full range of user controls and functions.

Its very low methanol consumption of 0.96 kW/h, combined with its low noise level, make it the ideal complement to your battery bank. It also enables you to reduce your battery bank and reduce the weight onboard.

Max Power’s MFC can run 24 H /24 and supply energy continuously to such power-hungry equipment as refrigerator, pump, electronic instruments, lamps, navigation lights.

  • Nominal power MFC75 : 38 WMFC100 : 50 WMFC130 : 65 W
  • Voltage: 10,8-14,2 V Compatible with standard lead acid batteries.
  • Consumption: 0,96 litre methanol per KW/h, when running continuously
  • Noise emission: 39 db at 1 metre
  • Operation: Automatic charging of an external 12 V battery bank.
  • Float mode allows a permanent connection.
  • Short-circuit protection: Electronic cut-off (overload) and additional 8 Amp short-circuit protection
  • Operation temperature: -20° to +40°C
  • Ambiant humidity: 20 to 90%
  • Dimensions & weight: 435 long x 200 wide x 275 mm high 6.4 to 7.3 kg depending on model
  • Warranty: 24-month warranty for a maximum running time of 3.000 hours. Free warranty extension to 36 months for a maximum running time of 3.000 hours, provided you validate your warranty by registering your purchase.
  • Capacity: 5 litre plastic cartridge with safety lock
  • Weight: 4.2kg
  • Power capacity: 435 Amp/h at 12 V.
  • Hours/cartridge (indicative): MFC 75 : 152 hoursMFC 100 : 82 hoursMFC 130 : 66 hours
  • Size: 10 12 m32 40
  • Model: MFC 100
  • Charge capacity: 100 Ah / day (1200 Wh/day)
  • Continuous output: 4.2A
  • Fuel Cartridge: 516855L

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