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Nasa HF3W SSB Receiver


Nasa HF3W SSB Receiver

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Nasa HF3W SSB Receiver

The Target HF3 is a masterpiece of R. F. engineering covering the entire spectrum between 30Khz to 30Mhz. For those new to single side band reception the unit comes complete with everything needed to ‘get on the air’ including a comprehensive instruction manual which includes a list of useful marine frequencies.

Controls on the front of the receiver change reception mode, from a narrow filter for SSB reception to a wide filter which enables high
quality audio signals to be heard from broadcast stations around the world. They also control ten memory channels to store your favourite frequencies.

The large, clear liquid crystal display shows the precise frequency tuned to and there is no need for constant ‘correcting’ with the tuning knob so often associated with SSB signals as the receiver is fully synthesised.

The HF3/W is complete with CD software and interface cable for connection to a PC sound card. The software enables reception of weatherfax pictures, Radiotelex weather forecasts and Navtex. Simply install the software, plug in the supplied cable to the receiver output and PC sound card to receive weatherfax pictures and forecasts from around the world.

Requires PC Windows XP to 7.

Technical Specifications:

  • Signal level indicator
  • Fully synthesised
  • Frequency range: 30Khz – 30Mhz
  • Modes: USB/AM/LSB
  • Single side band: 3.8Khz wide
  • 10 memory channels
  • AM: 6Khz wide
  • Audio output: 2 watts
  • Power supply: 12 volts DC
  • Power consumption: 300mA
  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 180mm
    • Height: 58mm
    • Depth 170mm

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