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NASA Weatherman


NASA Weatherman

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NASA Weatherman

The NASA Weatherman combines a synthesised HF receiver, a powerful computer and a high contrast display to form a complete, reliable, stand alone RTTY receiver. The Weatherman is dedicated to receiving weather forecasts.

Technical Data:

  • 16 lines x 40 characters per screen
  • Very high contrast display with white backlight
  • Supply voltage: nominal 12V
  • Consumption: 50mA @ 12V (100mA with backlight)
  • Power save auto timer on backlight
  • Spectrum screen for simple signal analysis
  • Non volatile program and message memory
  • 7m cable

Compact size:

  • Length: 150mm
  • Height: 112mm
  • Depth: 42mm

Active Micro antenna:

  • Height: 195mm
  • Width: 40mm

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