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NGK Spark Plug BUHW 361028


NGK Spark Plug BUHW 361028

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NGK Spark Plug BUHW

By using a copper electrode NGK have been able to produce a spark plug with a much wider efficient operating capacity. The plugs do not overheat under high operating loads and can therefore ignite fuel without buring their electrodes.

  • Ribs eliminate flashover
  • New creamic insulator provides better heat dissipation, higher electrical insulation and greater resistance against thermal shock
  • More gaskets and special powder sealing prevent gas leakage and provide uniform heat range
  • Copper electrode core deeply inserted inside the nickel tip greatly improves heat dissipation and prevents overheating
  • Larger space between insulator nose and metal shell reduces fouling and missfiring keeps plugs cleaner
  • Thick, anti-corrosive nickle tip resists overheating and extends spark plug life.
  • Model: BUHW

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