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Oar with Collar – 1.50m L3151


Oar with Collar – 1.50m L3151

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Oar with Collar

A good oar combines demanding technical properties and a pleasant feel. A good oar is balanced and of the right length. The blade must be light and the handle slightly heavier. The blade of a good oar moves beautifully in the water:it does not splash, bounce or create too much swirl.

The seagrade oar with collar is a very high-class oar laminated from clean timber for demanding conditions such as sea. Beautifully shaped handle and blade reinforced with a wedge. Finished with water-proof special varnish


  • Length: 1.50m
  • Collar material: PVC

Oars are sold individually, please order 2 for a pair

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Weight 4 kg