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Whale Gusher 10 – Thru-Deck/Bulkhead Fitting BP3740


Whale Gusher 10 – Thru-Deck/Bulkhead Fitting BP3740

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Whale Gusher 10

A robust pump ideal for workbouts, crusiers and offshore racing.

  • Self priming with a light and easy pump action
  • Up to 85 litres per minute
  • Easy to install
  • Approved for use in lifeboats
  • Thru-Deck/Bulkhead mounting
  • Larke non-choke valves
  • Suitable for diesel transfer with nitrile disphragm
  • Designed for instant access and easy maintenance
  • Suitable for manual pump-out of effluent holding systems.
  • Nitrile diaphragm also available.
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    Weight 2.26 kg



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