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Foot Pump – 6L


Foot Pump – 6L

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Foot Pump

Heavy duty foot pump particularly suitable for synthetic or rubber coated fabric boats.


  • Glassfibre charged polyamide plates
  • Reinforced fabric coated bellows
  • All metal parts stainless steel
  • Reinforced hose
  • Universal adaptor
  • Capacity: 6 litres

Some helpful hints:

  • Recommended pressure:
    • For tenders tube: 300mBar
    • For inflatable floor: 800mBar
  • Always use the correct pressure for required
    rigidity of the floor and optimum performance of the tender.
  • Inflate the floor normally until pumping becomes difficult, giving
    clear indication that you should switch to the second chamber
    which will provide the extra pressure required (see pump
    instructions manual).
  • Remember to ease the pressure if you leave your boat inflated on a hot day, to prevent potential distortion due to volume fluctuation caused by the heat.

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