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International Cruiser 200 – 2.5LTR White


International Cruiser 200 – 2.5LTR

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International Cruiser 200 White

Cruiser 200 is a polishing antifouling product effective against fouling organisms; slime, aquatic plants and animals. A polishing antifouling suitable for application onto vessels in fresh and salt water. The eroding technology avoids paint build up and provides up to one year performance. Suitable for all substrates including aluminium.


  • Colour: YBP200White
  • Finish: Matt
  • Specific Gravity: 1.4 g/l average
  • Volume Solids: 52% average
  • Typical Shelf Life: 2 yrs
  • VOC (As Supplied): 420g/lt average
  • VOC (EU Solvent): 296g/kg average EU Solvent Emissions Directive (Council Directive 1999/13/EC)
  • Unit Size: 2.5L

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