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Marlowbraid – Solid Red – 10mm


Marlowbraid – Solid Red – 10mm

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Marlowbraid has been and still is a famous Marlow product, enhancing performance and enjoyment to millions afloat. Its low stretch, high strength performance is quite exceptional for an all Polyester rope.

Special features:

  • 40% stronger than braid on braid Polyester
  • Low twist 3 Strand core reduces extension under working loads
  • Rope stretch factors 50% less than conventional braid on braid
  • Hardwearing cover but still easy on the hands
  • Easily spliced


    Main/Genoa Halyards, Reefing Lines, Main Outhaul, Spinnaker/Asymmetric Halyards, Uphauls/Outhauls/Downhauls, Vang/Kicker, Control Lines, General Purpose, Main Sheet, Genoa Sheets, Spinnaker/Asymmetric Sheets, Spinnaker Guys, Runner Tails, Furling Systems


  • Diameter: 10mm
  • Average Break Load: 2850kg
  • Weight: 7.30kg/100m
  • Price per meter

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