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NASA Target Navtex Pro-Plus


NASA Target Navtex Pro-Plus

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NASA Target Navtex Pro-Plus

Easy to install and very simple to use this unit has a very large memory. You can be sure you always have up to the minute data as the memory will overwrite the oldest messages if it becomes full. However you can at any time erase the data memory if you wish.

Technical Data:

  • 518 & 490 Khz operation
  • 800 line memory with line space between messages and no words broken at line ends
  • Automatic reset from power up
  • Single and multiple line message scrolling
  • 5 day program memory
  • 10 day data memory
  • Program status can be viewed and changed at any time
  • All messages displayed via data streamer whether programmed or not
  • Switchable backlight with power save timer
  • Easy to read text on a high contrast backlit LCD
  • Aerial: Active 195mm x 40mm stub type with 7 metre cable (Mounting bracket and 7 metre extension cable avilable.)
  • Supply voltage: 12-15v DC
  • Current consumption: 40mA + 100mA for switchable backlight
  • Receiver supplied with cradle mounting bracket


  • Width: 220mm
  • Height: 98mm
  • Depth: 48mm

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